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Ask the Pros-Frequently asked questions that we CAN answer

If you are wondering about which stick to get, what size of  timp head you need or what you need to make that special effect, just  email us or give us a call and we'll try to help as best we can. We know a lot about percussion, but when we're 'stumped' - we usually know a 'man who can'.
We've been in the playing business for many years and have picked up a lot of info and tips that only players know. Most retailers don't offer that sort of expertise to their customers, but we think it's vital to understand instruments from the players perspective.
If you're stuck give us a try.

FAQ  How do I choose new heads for my timpani?

This is not as complex as it may seem, but require some measuring work from you.
Ideally, you know what make, model and size of timpani you have. There are so many makes and models so it's important to narrow this down.

Next you need to tell us what size drums you have. They vary from 20" to 32" bowl size.
Basically there are 3 groups.
1) Premier Concert group  22.5,25,28,30,32
2) Premier Elite  group  22.5,25,28,30,32
3) International sizes. These are made by Adams, Ajax, Majestic, Ludwig, Yamaha 20,23,26,29,32

There are other custom sizes for Ringer, Philharmonic type timpani, but these usually have calf heads. For simplicity's sake we'll leave those out.

You need to add 1" to the Group 1 bowl size, add 3" to group 2 size (22.5 of this group is 3.5" extra) and add 2" to group 3.

Group 1 heads are:
Bowl size /new head size

Group 2 heads are:
Bowl size /new head size

Group 3 heads are:
Bowl size /new head size

If in any doubt call us and we'll help.

How to tie a cymbal strap
Please take a look at this on-line help.
The simple video of how to tie a cymbal or 'monkey' or Turkish knot.

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