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LP  Wooden GŸiro Scraper (single)

LP wooden guiro scraper single for use on any guiro. Especially good on the LP range.

£1.50 incl. VAT
LP 187 Jingle Stick, Brass Jingles, Black (Pair)

LP Jingle Sticks are a great way to add a quick tambourine sound to a rhythm while striking a cymbal or another instrument.They have padded grips and...

£35.00 incl. VAT
LP African Clave, Exotic Hardwood
On offer

A dark crisp clave sound. The LP 212R is made from an exotic hardwood.

£32.00 incl. VAT
£30.00 incl. VAT
LP Afuche / Cabasa Standard, Wood

LP Afuche / Cabasa Standard, Wood. A medium sized cabasa which will add to any backing track!

£33.00 incl. VAT
LP Agogo Bell, Standard

LP Agogo Bell, Standard. Two-tone agogo bells. Good for all latin percussion ensembles or backing pop numbers.

£44.00 incl. VAT
LP Dry Agogo Bell, Large

Designed in the 1960’s in response to the Bossa Nova craze, LP’s interpretation of the instrument that comes from Brazil is distinctly brighter in...

£53.00 incl. VAT
LP Fiber Maracas

LP large fiberglass maracas. Black colour with wooden handles. Crisp sound, yet light in weight.

£26.00 incl. VAT
LP One Shot Shaker, 1 Pair - Small

Made from durable anodized metal. Only one “live” striking area enables the percussionist to lay forward/down strokes only (no shadow or ghost strikes...

£19.00 incl. VAT
LP Standard Clave, Exotic Hardwood
On offer

LP 211R Standard Clave (10"L x 1.875"W) and Striker (10"L x .75"W)Kiln-dried exotic hardwood constructionCut-away sound chamber...

£23.00 incl. VAT
£19.00 incl. VAT
LP Vibra Slap II, Wood, Standard

LP 208 Standard Vibraslap. For that theatrical 'teeth-rattling' sound or a great latin effect.Also know as a 'chatterbox' or 'jawbone'.This is not...

£44.00 incl. VAT
Pearl 6"  Primero Cowbell

Pearl Primero 6" cowbell. Useful everyday cowbell for all those Latin pieces and for kit work. With a stand mount included.Also available in...

£16.00 incl. VAT
Venezuelan natural gourd Maracas

The final few maracas from Caracas!The fastest -selling stock of hand made natural gourd maracas made by Maximo Teppa in Venezuela for the famous...

£85.00 incl. VAT

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