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Adams Remo Renaissance Timpani heads 20"-32"

The Adams Renaissance timpani heads are made by Remo and come as standard on all Adams timpani. They have a warmer, more mellow sound than the Remo...

£91.00 - £122.00 incl. VAT
Evans TI 22"-35" Orchestral Plastic Timpani heads
On offer

Evans Orchestral plastic timpani heads are a quality plastic head. These heads are pre-tensioned with a black powder coated steel insert ring which...

£110.00 - £136.00 incl. VAT
£90.00 incl. VAT
18% - 34%
Evans TI 22"-35" Strata Timpani heads
On offer

Strata timpani heads are the Evans answer to a calf skin sound with the convenience of plastic. The newly re-designed and improved heads have a warm...

£118.00 - £162.00 incl. VAT
£95.00 incl. VAT
19% - 41%
Litik Skin Tucking tool

The Litik “Tucker” has arrived! This is the perfect tool for putting new skins on your old hoops.If you are tucking your own skins, this is the tool...

£10.00 incl. VAT
Litik Timpani Calf and Goat Skins

Litik now offers a choice of lap yourself or pre-lapped calf and goat skins for all timpani- baroque sizes and modern sizes. Litik heads are an...

Call for Price
LUDWIG 23" Timp Head, Ext Collar, White (25" od)

Ludwig plastic timpani head. Suitable for 23" with extended collar such as Pro Symphonic.

£52.00 incl. VAT
LUDWIG 28" Timp Head, Reg Collar, White (29" od)
On offer

Ludwig timpani heads in hazy/ white plastic. These are 2nd hand heads but with minimal use hence the lower price.Will fit Premier 28" or old...

£51.00 incl. VAT
£25.00 incl. VAT
LUDWIG 32" Timp Head, Ext Collar, White (34" od)

Ludwig plastic timpani head. Suitable for 32" with extended collar such as Pro Symphonic.

£58.00 incl. VAT
Remo Custom Hazy timpani heads 22"-35" (aluminium insert ring)
On offer

Custom timpani heads from Remo. Top quality plastic heads. Designed for timpanists who demand a clearer, brighter sound these are ideal for any make...

£85.00 - £171.00 incl. VAT
£125.00 incl. VAT
Remo Renaissance Timpani Heads 22"-35"
On offer

Renaissance timpani heads from Remo. The natural sound of calf with the convenience of plastic. Suitable for all makes of timpani. Special textured...

£145.00 - £251.00 incl. VAT
£175.00 incl. VAT
Remo Timpani 22"-35" Standard TI timpani Heads- Hazy

Standard plastic timpani heads from Remo. A quality plastic head at price for those on a budget. They have a a clear, bright sound and are ideal for...

£43.00 - £105.00 incl. VAT

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