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Acoustic GB2 general gong beater

A general, all round beater suitable for many sizes of tam-tams and gongs. Tightly wound with 100% synthetic yarn, this mallet can produce subtle...

£41.00 incl. VAT
Acoustic GB3 large gong beater

Thanks to its large striking area and heavy internal core weight, GB3 is capable of producing an immediate response at low dynamic levels but also...

£41.00 incl. VAT
Acoustic GB4   gong rollers (pair)

Sold in pairs, these rolling mallets have been designed for use on a variety of tam-tams and gongs. Each mallet is medium weight allowing for fast...

£57.00 incl. VAT
Litik Chau Gong / tamtam 28" -36"

These majestically powerful instruments were traditionally used to announce the arrival of important guests, to clear the way for a high ranking...

£356.00 - £860.00 incl. VAT
Paiste  Symphonic gongs  (tam-tam) 28'-40'

Now available again!Paiste Orchestral symphonic gong (tam-tam). Fantastic hammered sheet tamtam. Great for that big splashy sound. Available in...

£825.00 - £1,700.00 incl. VAT
Paiste GONG String/ Gut for up to  36" Symphonic Gong

Each Paiste Gong comes with suspension made of string. Gut string is superior as it minimizes the transfer of vibrations to the Gong-Stand. From time...

£21.00 incl. VAT

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