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70 Items found
Adams  Artist VAWT30 3 oct. Traveller frame, Classic with motor

Adams Artist VAWT30 F3 - F6 ( 57 - 38 mm ) 3 oct vibraphone. Height adjustable Traveller frame, Classic wood finish. Sturdy construction with the...

£4,730.00 incl. VAT
Adams Academy Junior Marimba, 3.3 Oct. A2-C6, Padouk 58-40 mm c/w Stand

The Adams 3.3 8ve Junior Marimba with low end resonators for a bigger, fuller sound.The Adams Academy Series marimbas are designed to bring a new...

£1,345.00 incl. VAT
Adams Academy Marimba junior , 3 oct. C3-C6, padouk 58-40mm c/w  stand
On offer

Adams Academy marimba. Ideal for youngsters to find out about marimba sounds. Three octave range. Sturdy rigid aluminium frame complete with stand....

£1,120.00 incl. VAT
£950.00 incl. VAT
Adams Academy XSLRD35  3.5 oct. table top xylophone

Adams Academy 3.5 octave table-top xylophone. A great starter instrument. It has light rosewood note-bars.. With a built-in resonator box under the...

£900.00 incl. VAT
Adams Adams Baroque timpani (Kalfo head) 23"and 26" with tripod stand

The Adams Baroque timpani combines the traditions of the 18th Century with the design and technology of the 21st Century.The heads are the finest...

£2,762.00 - £2,938.00 incl. VAT
Adams BDK 28"-40" Orchestral Bass drums without stand

Adams Concert Bass Drums -drum only Exclusive to JAM. Choice of: 28" 32" and 36" and 40" shells with 18" depth. Clear...

£572.00 - £1,087.00 incl. VAT
Adams BK 3003 (BKIIS15,) 1.5 octave, C5-F6, Symphonic Tubular bells/ chimes 1.5"

Adams BK 3003 (BKIIS15), 1.5 octave, range C5-F6, Symphonic chimes 1.5''. Chrome finish, complete with mallets and dust cover. New Generation II...

£6,392.00 incl. VAT
Adams BK 5003, 1.5 octave, C5-F6, Philharmonic chimes 1.5' height adjustable

Adams BK 5003, 1.5 octave, C5-F6, Philharmonic chimes 1.5", Satin finish. Height adjustable. Fully height adjustable rack with two-way locking...

£6,460.00 incl. VAT
Adams BK2001, 1,5 oct., range C5-F6, Standard  Tubular Bells / chimes, 36mm

Adams BK 2001 (BKIID15) 1.5 octave, C5-F6, Standard tubular bells (chimes) featuring brass alloy 1.25'' chrome finish tubes. New Generation II frame -...

£4,762.00 incl. VAT
Adams Classic 6, Hickory cartwheel, soft - rich
On offer

Adams Classic No.6 Soft, rich sound. American style 'Cartwheel' sticks tapered wood handles.

£54.00 incl. VAT
£40.00 incl. VAT
Adams Concert Bass Drum 36"x 22" incl. Vintage Tilting stand and cymbal holder

The new Vintage Bass Drums feature four sizes of Adams Mahogany Bass Drums on a classic tube frame design with a number of modern refinements....

£2,349.00 incl. VAT
Adams Concert Bass Drums with "Free suspended" stand. 28"-40" /18" shell depth

Adams Concert Bass Drums on 'Free suspended' stand. Choice of: 28", 32", 36" and 40" shells with 18" depth. Clear laquered...

£1,172.00 - £1,605.00 incl. VAT
Adams Concert Marimba MCHA43, 4.3 oct. (A2-C7), Honduras Rosewood, Apex Frame

Become used to playing on a wide bar instrument at an affordable price with the Adams Concert series marimbas. Available in Honduras Rosewood, Padouk,...

£5,442.00 incl. VAT
Adams Concert Marimba MCPA43, 4.3 oct. (A2-C7), Padouk, Apex Frame

Adams Concert Series MarimbaBecome used to playing on a wide bar instrument at an affordable price with the Adams Concert series marimbas. Available...

£3,237.00 incl. VAT
Adams Concert VCWV30  vibraphone,  3 oct.  Voyager frame with motor

Adams VCWV30 Concert Vibraphone w/ voyager frame and motor. Sturdy construction with the motor housed in the high end block to avoid bumps to...

£4,258.00 incl. VAT
Adams Cord spring for tuned percussion

Spring used for joining the cord on marimba, xylo and vibe note-bars. 2 required per set of notes. (accidentals and naturals)

£3.00 incl. VAT
Adams Eye bolt for Universal timpani

Adams replacement 'eye' bolt for Universal timpani leg. Use in bowl- mounted leg housing to retain the timpani leg. It slots into the housing and...

£25.00 incl. VAT
Adams Felt Timpani Damper

Adams felt timpani damper (mute). Attaches to the drum tuning bolt with sewn-in cord. Use for muted (con sord) timpani works. e.g 'March to the...

£13.00 incl. VAT
Adams Fiberskyn heads for Bassdrum 28"-40"

Adams Fiberskyn bass drum heads. Made by Remo, these heads offer a warm, deep, controllable sound without the boomy sound associated with regular...

£62.00 - £107.00 incl. VAT
Adams fine tuner for timpani -Aluminium

Aluminium fine tuner bracket for Adams Universal timpani. Only fits drums with fine tuner already installed.

£169.00 incl. VAT

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