Grover Pro Musical Anvil, pitches 1 & 3

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Grover Pro Musical Anvil, pitches 1 & 3

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Grover Pro Musical Anvil, pitches 1 & 3

Only from Grover Pro: musical anvils created for professional percussionists! Unlike other anvils, ours are multi-tonal, capable of two distinct pitches plus a third “harmonic” sonority produced by striking on the centre logo. A true Grover innovation, each Professional Musical Anvil comes with a sturdy hardwood mounting stand that is designed to allow the anvil to vibrate freely, resulting in maximum resonance. The wide 4-in playing surface facilitates execution of fast rhythmic passages. When played with our Dual-Tone Anvil Hammer, these instruments create metallic transients that can cut through any ensemble imaginable! They also sound great when played with a hard bell mallet, opening up the possibility of including these anvils in multi-percussion setups.

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