Grover 5" Super Overtone  triangle

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Grover 5" Super Overtone triangle

Model No
Gr TR-5

Grover 5" Super Overtone triangle

NEW Grover 'Super-Overtone' 5' professional orchestral triangle.
A recent addition to the Super Overtone range, this 5" model has a sweeter sound with all the qualities that it's larger cousins have.
Complete with free triangle bag.
It is forged from a specially treated high carbon steel alloy. The resulting wide spectrum of overtones and an extraordinary large dynamic range combine to give this triangle its characteristic sound. Unlike most triangles, the  resonance of this instrument will remain consistent across the  dynamic range. The inbuilt acoustic properties of these triangles, eliminates the need to overplay. The microscopic Kanigen plating allows the highest harmonics to respond, yet it is more durable and longer lasting than ordinary chrome plating. (please note: triangles are not sold with beaters.)

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